How often do you pray?

Friday, August 28, 2009


I stumbled upon a thought the other day realizing I have been in a slight torment for quite some time now. Getting to the bottom of my palpate I realized that I truly care for someone but my affections are not mutual and can I say that indeed it hurts. Life is not easy that is for sure. Now that I think about it I have a faint idea of how Jesus felt when He stretched out his Holy hands on the cross for me and my sins. Jesus sacrificed himself to prove His unconditional love and yet this world still forsaken Him, this world can never get anything right. I despise this wicked world that took something so beautiful as a union of a man and woman and it made it so ugly. Marriage is such a sacred and blissful step in life that must be taken extremely seriously especially with faithfulness of guidance from the Lord. Whatever God gives no man can ever take away, I pray no matter what I am always in the hands of my Creator. This fondness that has grown on me I pray about it, I want God's will in my life and I know true Love is God.

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