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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Truly There

Your whole life you have pupils that come and go, some stay for a while longer and some you don't even get a chance to remember their names, but the ones that are truly for you, just never want to leave your sight. Its funny though, some of the most memorable people I have meet I can't even remember what they look like, but our encounter has left an enduring influence on me. I remember being seventeen and fling back to Ukraine, my birth country for the first time after twelve years. I had to have intense surgery and due to finance limitation I had to go alone without knowing a single familiar person in Kiev. Now, that I think about it I went so free willing; evidently, I am and was a fearless child and the only thing I could remember fearing is the Lord and to this day I pray that never changes. God placed a certain faithful and God loving gentlemen into my life, that took care of me as though I was his own he did so much for me and he did not even know a single thing about me expect that I was a child of God and that was enough for him to put so much of his time and energy into helping me. He literally held my hand through every dreadful procedure and afterward during my recovery. I remember looking at him thinking how great is our God and the love that He gives on this chaotic earth, the love that just gives and does not expect anything in return. I figured it works like this: the ones that need you the most are the ones that will hold on to you; customarily, the ones you need the most you hold on too. Usually we strive extra hard for those that we need and want, completely different concepts when you think about it, but intervene when we step back and see what are the motives behind everyone we are surround by. Only time will show who are truly there for you. I will never forget this person for he has became dear to me and by God's grace I have taken from him the greatest desire to bring Honor and Glory to My Savior Jesus Christ by being a light of the world.

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