How often do you pray?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

God Will Take Care of You

The day I saw my brother cry so hard he became mute and his heart screamed so loud that it's pain pierced right through my eyes, burning them. I pondered on how much of this life is there, here on this excruciating earth? The night before I went to bed as though in the morning I will wake up and do my normal routine where I begin with the Lord Almighty's word and pray for His mercy and guidance in my life, because a day without him is no day at all in my understanding. But little did I know that the moment I heard my mother scream in the morning I realized the Lord had a different path for me. I ran to her aide and discovered something that was so dear to me my entire life, will no longer be a part of my life. The moment I realized that, my mind, body, and soul froze from agony and despair and tears just stormed out of my heart for my mind remembers only the good and not a single bad thing to make them stop. After days of mourning and praises to my Savior for all I have taken away from everything He has put in my path, I came to a forbearing of my grief. I realized I was just being selfish by wanting to hold on to something that the Lord needed more than I did. Its all still hard to endure because its hard to put your all into the Lord, but the moment you do its so perfect and inconsiderable from then on, its just a matter of understanding I am worthless and weak without my Lord. God promises to take care of me and that's exactly what I am going to let him do!


  1. Your words trully impress me, Irina, "God Bless You"... ESG

  2. ESG, I appreciate that. Do you have a page?

  3. I don't have a page Irina, but perhaps I should open one...